EyeCOR By Nteon

"EyeCOR isn't a luxury - it's a necessity!"
Dr. Greg Evans California

EyeCOR is the extra employee you wish you had in your practice.”
Dr. James Rubin Missouri

“I love the program; it does everything you said it would and more.  I find myself going to it more and more. 
The rest of the crew is also using EyeCOR  as a resource not just a coding tool.”
Dr. Blaine Littlefield Maine

"EyeCOR is one of the best purchases my practice has ever made, ranking up there with OCT technology.

Daily, it saves my staff time and makes me money - that's the mark of a good investment.

My practice being a very busy medical-eye practice, I do not see how we could survive without EyeCOR at the ready at all times.

My staff raves about it's usefulness constantly. Without a doubt EyeCOR is a game changer in the office and has been for the past 6+ years."

 Dr. Keith Manuel  Texas


"My only regret is that I didn't start using EyeCOR 3 years earlier.

It's been an invaluable chair side asset that has both increased reimbursements and decreased the need to resubmitted claims."

 Dr. Donald Higgins Connecticut


EyeCOR is an unbelievable program and the changes are phenomenal. I use EyeCOR  with every patient for the invaluable coding on the fly, Interpretation & Reports, and the Ophthalmic Reference to check the available bottle sizes on medications and the ophthalmic side effects of systemic drugs."
  Dr. Frank Myska, Maine


"I have used EyeCOR  for five years and it has become an invaluable resource in my practice. 
EyeCOR is the equivalent of having another full time staff member to your practice."
Dr. Russell D. Subia , Odessa Texas

"I have been using EyeCOR  since its inception.  It helps me to provide better patient care and to get paid appropriately for each diagnosis.  
EyeCOR ’s content is accurate and frequent updates ensure that all information is current. 
Most importantly,
EyeCOR ’s creator, Robert Rebello, has extensive personal medical coding experience and knowledge of EMRs.
This guarantees that this product will continue to be relevant to my practice in the years to come.  There is always a good reason to continue to subscribe year after year."

Dr. Henry B Samson  - Connecticut

"EyeCOR  combination of software and human interaction (Coding Assistance) makes for a powerful product.  Insurance plans and their rules are constantly changing.  A small practice like ours struggles keeping up with their changes.  EyeCOR ’s software and ability to talk with coding experts makes this product very valuable to our office. 
I would recommend for any practice that bills medical insurance for medical eye issues."
Dr. Brian Armitage - Florida
  "I have been using EyeCOR  for two years. I can't imagine practicing without it. The service is impeccable and your expertise is unmatched in the industry. I have become more efficient and much more profitable. If an eye care professional ever complains about managed care and decreased reimbursements, I simply tell them to incorporate EyeCOR  into their practice. Thank you for such a wonderful service." 
Dr. John M Ippolito -
New Jersey
"You already know how pleased I am with your product, it is utilized everyday to ensure proper billing and coding. 
Not only does EyeCOR
 improve our ability to bill procedures properly, it keeps all our charts in line with Medicare guidelines."
 Dr. Jackson Lau - California
"I love EyeCOR , the only problem is that I did not buy it 5 years ago."
Dr. Huey Tran, Texas

  “What I enjoy the most of working with the EyeCOR  staff is your passion, service and dedication. Thank you.”
Douglas F. Buxton, M.D., F.A.C.S. – The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary


"In our office we have been using EyeCOR  for several years. We have found EyeCOR to be indispensable for many patients. EyeCOR has assisted us in determining the approved special testing with proper coding for eye conditions. EyeCOR  is very handy for a reference for eye conditions especially in the ever changing coding area. EyeCOR  keeps us up to date. Financially, the cost of the program has been recouped many, many times over through better coding and billing.   Thank you EyeCOR ."
Dr. Lawrence N. Kline - Connecticut


I love EyeCOR .  I have done insurance billing for over 25 years. EyeCOR has saved me hours of time instead of looking things up

in coding books and on the phone with insurance companies.
The staff is very knowledgeable and has answered all of my billing questions. EyeCOR  has been a great addition to our office and I highly recommend it."
Kathy McKenna - Rumford, ME


"I find EyeCOR  an extremely valuable service.  The program alone is the resource I go to for all my billing questions.

However, it is the staff at EyeCOR  that I find invaluable.  How often do you have a question concerning some nuance of Medical billing??

These people KNOW the answers...it's terrific to have a person, a consultant, available to answer all of these questions...it's peace of mind!"

Dr. Eric I. Richman – California


"I have been using EyeCOR  for several years. It is absolutely essential to my practice.
Having proper coding information at my fingertips allows me to accurately code with ease and insures the highest reimbursements

available while always being in compliance.
I simply refuse to practice without it!"
 Dr. Jerry Nave - Idaho


"Thanks for an awesome product."
 Dr. Steven Richlin - California
"One of the easiest checks I wrote this year.  EyeCOR is in a word “indispensable.” 
 It takes the place of many other publications costing much more collectively and puts it in an easy to use computer program. 
Start maximizing reimbursement by coding correctly and efficiently with EyeCOR"

            Dr. Jon Scott - North Carolina

"The best investment I ever made!"
 Dr. Robert Smith - Missouri


"I have always considered myself a sophisticated coder. I have been following the medical model for many years.

Purchasing EyeCOR  changed my practice substantially. I was amazed after starting to use the program

how much I was missing. So glad I bought it!"

                      Dr. Hal Ostrom - Connecticut


"I Don't know how I ever practiced without EyeCOR !!!”

                Dr. Thomas Overberg - Ohio


"The most useful and powerful tool I've found for Medical Billing.

is the EyeCOR  software by Nteon!"

                Dr. DC Dean - New Mexico


"I am no longer leaving money on the table!"

                    Dr. Glen Goldring - Mississippi


"This is the first thing in the office that is worth every penny.  I’m 63 and it was very easy to learn."

                    Lynn at Dr. Dean Mobley's - Georgia

"EyeCOR  has been a tremendous help, both to the doctors and our insurance biller,  as I have incorporated Medical Eyecare in my practice.  
helps keep my clinical skills sharp by making me aware of the various medical test that can be performed for each diagnosis
as well as keeping my reimbursement at its highest level. 
Thanks for always being receptive to all the questions my staff and I have." 

            Dr. Tommy Lim - California


"I love what EyeCOR  does for our practice.
What most doctors do not realize is that if they pick up just one thing they do frequently to increase their reimbursement,
over the course of a year that really adds up."

            Dr. John Markham - Arizona

"You will find that using EyeCOR will increase your bottom line as soon as you use it.
I was amazed how many similar diagnoses actually have different ancillary tests associated for them. 

This allows our practice to correctly code and bill with fewer denied claims.
We have also found the EyeCOR  staff very receptive to making additions to the program as the need arises."

                           Dr. Mark Botwin -  New Mexico

  "EyeCOR can help ensure medical coding for maximum reimbursement."

                    Dr. Ron Fiegel  - Kansas

"The best part, with the Allowed Reimbursable Procedures EyeCOR showed me,

I paid for EyeCOR  in a single day! "

                  Dr. Tom DeLuca  - Connecticut

"You have a Great product.  We use it all the time!!!!!!"

                  Dr. Kenneth Hansen  - Iowa


"I use EyeCOR  so much its become part of my examination procedure. 

Anyone who wants to get paid for their time needs to use this resource. 

I look up all my codes before leaving the exam room, then I know the chart won't get buried on my desk later needing a code. 

It gives me peace of mind."

                         Dr. Dan Dieterichs  - New Mexico


"Thanks again for a WONDERFUL practice management tool!"

                   Dr. Erick Hartman - Washington


"With the ability to talk directly to you and the quality of what you have delivered,
your software is the best in the EyeCare Field!" 

           Dr. Ken Fisher - Hawaii


"The staff loves EyeCOR for simplifying coding issues.

It has greatly reduced the amount of time spent coding and documenting records correctly.

As well as automatic posting of allowable Medicare for your area.

Even provides dropdown selections for instant I & R reports.

Due to correct coding and use of procedures, our reimbursements are up significantly.

You can't lose with this!"

                  Dr. John Leeth - Virginia

"No more searching through the big books, EyeCOR  makes it so easy."

Mary, Arnold EyeCare - Arnold, MO


"EyeCOR paid for itself in one week.  I wouldn't call the cost of this software an expense."

Dr. James Rubin - Gladstone, MO


"You have simplified billing for the optometric field!"

Tommie - Dr. Kim Walters office - Weaverville, NC


"We use it daily, what a time saver!"

Louise - Prairie Vision Center - Wahpton, ND


"EyeCOR has elevated my office in both income and safety. Income from a better,

more concise source of medical coding and increased safety knowing that all billing by

my office is properly coded, documented and filed. Additionally, the additional knowledge

from constant updates is a terrific safety net as well.

A great move to increase my comfort level for reimbursement from 3rd parties, especially Medicare."

Dr. James Boilini, Key Largo, FL

"Not only is the information up to date but the staff has provided an outstanding service to all of us."

Richard Murray - Boise, ID

    Regarding EyeCOR's answering coding and Medical Billing questions for our users: 

"Thanks.  You guys are good!" - or "Great Product!"

                  Dr. Jim Spears -  Michigan               
Dr. George Ozer - Boothwyn, PA


Here is one comment we hear all the time from both doctors and staff, but never tire of hearing: 

"We love EyeCOR !" -or- "Wonderful!"
 Dr.. Larry Scheele -  South Carolina

  Dr. Bonnie Eldridge -  Pennsylvania

Laura at  Dr. David Hill - California

Chris at Dr. Nancy Wiggins - Pennsylvania

     Jane at  Dr. Craig McCurdy - California

Jeffery Palmer - Middletown, CT