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EyeCOR's Drug Reference Library

EyeCOR contains two different Drug References. One is for Ophthalmic drugs you prescribe to your patients. The second details Ocular Side Effects of Systemic Medications.

  Ophthalmic Drug Reference contains all medications for both Optometry and Ophthalmology

  • Medication, Type, Ingredients
  • Manufacturer, Generic Name, Available Sizes
  • Pricing (if available), Recommended Dosage
  • Dispencing Method, Warning for BAK
  • Other Precautions and more...
Occular Side Effects of Systemic Medications

  • EyeCOR's Systemic Medications Module is an important module for your practice. It displays known Ocular side effects as determined by the FDA and the manufacturers
  • EyeCOR displays both Common and Severe known side effects This premits the practitioner to quickly identify ocular side effects and look for these as part of the exam process.
  • Especially important for both the patient and the doctor is, the doctor may treat the patient medically if Severy Side Effect is listed. EyeCOR displays the appropriate CPT code and all procedures that can done (where medically necessary) that are specific to your region.
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