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What is EyeCOR?

In the constantly changing world of Medical Coding and Reimbursement it is important to have current and compliant coding information at your fingertips.  EyeCOR is a unique and powerful Coding and Reimbursement system for Eye Care.  Search for a Diagnosis - Instantly EyeCOR displays all the allowed reimbursable procedures and coding information specific to your region. 
EyeCOR is the must have tool for every Ophthalmic office! 


DiagnosisDiagnosis Code Information

Our Diagnosis display makes finding the correct code easy. EyeCOR shows all supported procedures, the associated Medicare reimbursement fees, Note and Coding Pearls regarding the diagnosis and related procedures.


ProceduresProcedure Code Information

EyeCOR shows all diagnosis codes that support that procedure, Coding Pearls, NCCI Edits, Regionally Specific billing information, modifier usage, and frequency. Jump to any supported ICD10 code to see other supported procedures.


Exam AdvisorExam Advisor

With Exam Advisor, EyeCOR shows documentation requirements for each exam based on complexity and new or established patient criteria. 992xx and 99xxx E/M exams requirements. When reviewing the criteria for the 92xxx exams you can select the ICD10 code and see all supported procedures.

Regionally Specific Information

You need to know the coding and billing information specific to your office location. Practice management EHR systems with "built-in" coding information is not regionally specific and most systems are not current. EyeCOR shows all information specific to your region and is continuously updated.

Much More than Just coding information

There are several modules within EyeCOR and as an EyeCOR customer you will have access to all these modules as well as our Live Coding Experts.  With over 45 combined years our coding experts are here for all your billing and coding questions.

Drug Reference

  • Medication Type, Ingredients, Dispensing Method
  • Available Sizes, Pricing, Adverse Reactions
  • Warning for BAK, Precautions for Children
  • Precautions for Nursing Mothers, Pregnancy
  • Contraindications and Drug Interactions
  • Manufacturers Recommended Dosage

Interpretation and Reports

  • EyeCOR identifies where they are required
  • EyeCOR has a fully compliant I&R report module
  • Extensive library of Pre-Written, customizable text
  • Many EHR systems I&R's are not compliant
  • Auditors are looking for these during an audit
  • Make sure your reports contain the "Three C's"

Live Coding Assistance

  • Unlimited Access to our Coding Experts
  • No waiting on hold to get a live person
  • Accurate claims review for denied claims
  • Doctor has a coding question?
  • Billing staff has a question on how to file a claim
  • Call Us!